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Claudia Manning

Тренинг Разговорного Английского; Английский Детский Лагерь

«Languages are one of the most beautiful things to learn and great way to express oneself .No word ever has the same exact meaning twice»

 «Hello, my name is Claudia Manning.

I am an English language teacher and camp counselor. I have been working as an English language teacher for 5 years, in my lessons we don't focus on strict methods of teaching, however I give a whole new meaning to student having a great  time while learning English.

Our lessons are not just about learning grammar, but to practice speaking by debating, and discussing our points.

Where else can you debate about the hottest social problems around the world? On subjects such as  smoking in public areas or people becoming overly dependent on technology.

If you are looking for somewhere to express yourself then, this is the place to be. We are waiting for you!»


 P S  «Place where the Caribbean Sunshine meets the Russain Air, to give you burst of laugher and energy that you need while you are in the classroom!»

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